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Restoration Partners

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Becoming a Classic Engine Workshop Restoration Partner

Classic Engine Workshop (CEW) is looking for classic car restoration companies to partner with, to boost the capability of our respective businesses.  On this page, we’ve set out the basics of the scheme, which is already working well with our current restoration partners.

Option 1 – Outsource Engine Work to CEW

See us as your engine building department, or perhaps as a supplement to your existing engine building capability, by outsourcing the work to us. Under this arrangement, CEW will have no contact with your customer, and will liaise directly with you.  This is ideal if you don’t currently have an engine department but would like to be able to offer your restoration customers the ease of having everything handled by your company, without the need to invest in equipment and skills. For those companies who already build customer engines in-house but have a surplus of work, or wish to speed up a restoration, this option may work well for you.

Depending on your in-house capabilities and specialities, you could supply parts and/or machining services to keep costs low, or we can source those for you.   Labour is charged at £50ph +VAT which you can then mark-up to your usual labour rate to ensure a profit for yourself.  Please be aware that all quotes are subject to additional charges if extra work is discovered during the build; we will not compromise build quality, though any significant additional charges will be discussed so that you can agree them with your customer.

Scroll down to the ‘What do we Deliver?’ section to see what you can expect from one of our builds.

Option 2 – Recommend us to your customer.

Alternatively, you could choose to pass your customer directly to us for the full rebuild service, and we will deal directly with them from quoting to invoicing, and provide the updates and reports direct to the customer.  Throughout the build, we will liaise with you as well, to ensure we meet the timescales necessary for the restoration, and deliver the engine to you when you need it.  For this service we offer a referral bonus for each engine which we completely rebuild; as thanks for your referral, we will pay you £200 when the customer settles the final invoice.  This may suit those companies who cannot dedicate the time to liaising with the customer and would prefer CEW to take on the full role.

Scroll down to the ‘What do we Deliver?’ section to see what you can expect from one of our builds.

Option 3 – The Flexible Approach

Perhaps neither of these options suits you perfectly?  Please get in touch to discuss any other approach you may have for us to work together, we’re always up for a chat about creation of opportunities.

What do we Deliver?

First and foremost, we deliver regular, transparent communication – updates, progress and any issues will be shared with you directly, and we will respond quickly to your responses and requests.  We will provide traceable and detailed accounting of all parts and services provided, so you can see exactly what’s going on. Responding to our own poor experiences with suppliers, we have worked hard to ensure that we are easy to work with!

When it comes to engines, we provide a comprehensive process: First, we strip down, clean, inspect and measure every aspect of the engine, providing a written report of measurements and recommendations, allowing a quote to be drawn-up for agreement with the customer.  Machining is outsourced to our trusted FER-approved machininst, and after another round of measurement to confirm quality, the engine is reassembled with new or refinished parts, as appropriate.  All aspects of the build are treated methodically, with a high emphasis on accuracy and robustness.  As well as the attention to detail on the inside, our engines are finished to a high cosmetic standard, and returned with a written report of key measurements, providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the job has been done properly.

If you outsource the work to us, but maintain the customer liaison role yourself, we’ll make life easy by providing weekly updates including pictures or videos of progress, which you can share with your customer, and we are always on the end of the phone to answer any queries.  On completion of the engine, we will provide a rebuild report showing all measurements and work carried out.  This can be branded with your own logo and company name, and adds value to the car’s history file.

In addition to our standard rebuild service, we have the capability to modify engines for performance and reliability, including surface treatments, cylinder head modification, compression ratio changes, internal component upgrades and custom parts etc.  We can also refurbish part engines, such as a bottom-end assembly, a cylinder head or carburettors, and return these to you ready to install.

Classic Engine Workshop is fully insured against loss or damage, and all engine rebuilds come with a 12-month warranty. Classic Engine Workshop is a professional member of the Association of Heritage Engineers and the Federation of Engine Remanufacturers.

If this approach sounds like it could work for your business, we look forward to hearing from you.

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